Artist Statement

Who am I? I am not sure I can answer that. But who can? There are only a few things I know for certain. I am Photographer and I am a writer. I believe that everything a person says and does matters and effect’s their life and other people’s lives. I want to make a difference with my creative abilities. Photography is big piece of who I am and I hope to bring stories to life form across the globe, show casing the world in a way that hasn’t been done before. I believe that photography is a way to save the world. That may sound overstated or delusional, but I stand firm. Art saved me.

Self Portrait 2010:

IceTub IV TubSlide

Self Portrait 2011:

Sleeping Angel Soft Angel

Self Portrait 2012:


Self Portraits 2013:

Self-Portraits -1 Self-Portraits -5 Self-Portraits -6

When writing comes to mind, a peace comes over me, a calm if you will. Poetry is an escape of the mind, body, and soul, the very essence of poetry seems as if it is the core of who I am. Growing up I always wrote and I loved it. I wrote little sentences and sentences that were extravagant by nature. However, writing never fully consumed me until my father passed away. After I lost him I entered a world of creative healing and it was gorgeous. I write of memories I would save and of feelings I wish I could hold onto forever. I dance inside this dream that someday my work could reach the world in an authentic and influential way. I need to capture what I feel, sense, touch, and taste. As a writer words are used to describe in ways people could never imagine and in ways that bring people into a certain moment in time or into a feeling they are unfolding.


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