Financial Freedom Starts In Your Heart

Today was payday which tends to be universally recognized as the day of awesomeness. 

But, when you’re an adult sometimes payday can come as the relief you have been waiting for. 

Payday for me has always been date day. I see money in the account and I tell David we are going out. Recklessly spending money and not thinking about where it goes. But today was different. It is part of my newfound commitment towards financial confidence. Instead of a date day I grabbed my old notebook and pen and sat down at my desk after work. On the top of my notebook page I wrote the exact amount we had in our bank and proceeded to sort out bills based on level of importance. And then I began to pay them one by one subtracting each bill with my bank statement. I was nice because I was able to pay the phone bill, the car payment, a huge medical bill, and most importantly I paid off our one and only credit card. We have just enough left over for gas and a little food.

I figured this way it will be very tight for awhile but eventually we will catch up on our bills and be able to build our savings and have an emergency fund. I must say, for the first time in a long time I feel hopeful that David and I aren’t going to be the poor couple much longer. I have hope that we will have extra money for more dates, adventures, and enough to going shopping. I used to love dressing up but when you gain a lot of weight in one year nothing you own fits you and we never could afford new clothes so I wear what I have.

I know that there are people worse off then me but I had to wear abra that had a wire stab me in my breast everyday for months (yes I washed it) because it was the only one I had, not to mention it was way to small and ladies you know what it is like to wear a bra that is too small. We had to charge a credit card to buy more. I have one pair of underwear that has a whole so big I can stick my hand through it (ok so maybe I should throw those out.) 

I don’t say this for pitty but because I am confessing my conviction. We struggle so much because we haven’t been responsible with what we had. And I’m done living that way. Today was a day of change, the start of something good. 

The trouble is sticking to your plan and not falling back into old habits. But luckily for me I just confessed my plan to the world so I would say I have plenty of people holding me accountable.


One thought on “Financial Freedom Starts In Your Heart

  1. Go for it!!! We are working on out budget, too – it is hard at first, but it gets easier!!

    Quick tip when those wires poke you… Yank them! Use scissors to make small holes in the fabric at the end of the wires and work them out of their pockets. You can still wear the bra with casual clothes (slouchy clothes = slouchy bra, lol!), and save the wear and tear on your good, new ones. I have ‘work bras’ and ‘weekend bras’, and they all last longer that way.

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